History of  Natural White *

Story  of   Natural White *

In 1991 Deep Cove Fisheries Ltd., Timaru, New Zealand, we were working on processing methods for improving the storage characteristics of Hoki. Hoki was New Zealand's largest resource and at that time was not enjoying wide acceptance due to the presence of a predominant fat line which deteriorated during storage. The emergence of filleting at sea operations demonstrated, that the species (Hoki) was capable of good white fillets with good flavor and better storage characteristics. The challenge was to improve the reprocessing operations. Murray Wiig the Managing Director sought the assistance of some Icelandic's who had arrived in Timaru. The criteria had to include the use of natural processes or products that combined to produce improved storage and flavor retention.
   Johannes Arason supplied various formulations, which later were to become Natural White * that were tested and storage trials put down. The results were undeniable: not only did the product remain whiter, it held its flavor, the texture was much improved over the control samples, but, the improvement in yield was very evident.
   Over the subsequent seasons more trials were conducted on fresh and reprocessed fish of the many species available in New Zealand, with confirming results. These trials extended to the production and export of some salted Cod and Ling and the production of Cod and Hoki fillet block.
Samples were prepared and taken to the Major Fast food chains in the U.S.A. Their evaluation and encouraging comment too confirmed that there were benefits in the process.
The manufacturer of the major ingredient in the U.S.A. was visited to display samples, explain the process and testing, ensure supply and confirm on going availability.
   Due to the color of the raw material the initial solution was referred to as "coke". This name stuck but has now been superceded as the process and the formulation has been refined to optimize its performance. Natural White * is now a well tested and proven product that when used with the agreed processing methods produces:

* Significant improvement in Yield ( 5 to 8 % )
* Retention of good Natural White * finished product.
* Retains natural firm textures.

Since the early days trials and full production has been introduced in many companies with now on going wide adoption by many leading processors throughout the world.  Natural White *

What is  Natural White * ?

Natural White * is a spice/salt solution. Natural White * has anti-oxidant, bacteriostatic and yield saving qualities. It binds with protein on cut surfaces which in turn binds the cellular water. This eliminates drip loss, keeps the cells turgid and provides an improved texture and quality to the end consumer.

Natural White * is made from:
Rosemary full Extract (Rosemary oleoresin) and Weak mineral Salt brine solution!

In 2011 there was a major change in method involving Natural White *   Main focus is the handling of raw materials, fresh and frozen.
   A new method was developed to under-cool H&G white fish, cod, haddock, pollock, catfish, cusk, hake, hoki, whiting, etc. This method is perfect storage for raw materials for fresh and frozen processing and on the storage time of 12-72 hours the fish muscle is made tough to endure filleting, skinning and trimming without drip loss.
   The processing yield increase (saved yield) is in the range + 5 to 8%, and the fish is turgid/ no gaping. Same method achieves the same for thawed fish. Light salting of H&G fish as storage process of raw materials. The pro-salting as storage process for 12-72 hours before filleting/splitting, the fish is ready directly after filleting as light salted with the highest possible yield rate, density and quality.
   A further experiment showed that the pro-salting was the best preparation of raw material for full salting, that is for filleting or splitting, with the best yield and quality. If is requested to put additives into the raw material, the binding capability of the raw material is good and gives all possibilities in this respect, if the producer and the buyer agree on that.

Natural White *  will have the marketing/sales name ProteinSave after the methods changes. ProteinSave is the best preparation for raw material for any kind of processing, in relation to quality and yield. Yield without additives.

Natural White */ ProteinSave is process aid and fully natural storage method of raw material, for optimum performance. Use of Rosemary in fish and meat products allowed in EC 2011, but had been allowed in the USA since 1953.

Natural White * is designed by Johannes Arason

To request further information, please contact: johannes@naturalwhite.is